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Pet Adoption: Did You Adopt Your Pet or Did Your Pet Adopt You?

As Thanksgiving draws near, what are you thankful for? Some of us are just thankful to have a pet—or to have an owner. How did you find your pet? How did your pet find you?

For every pet and owner, there’s a good story. How did you find each other? Was it a search you undertook, or did your pet find you?

Some of the most thankful pets might be those lifted out of a life of  living off garbage and huddling alone in alleys and wooded areas. I know a big dog named “Mungus” who was in that situation a few years ago. He must have felt like he won the lottery when a nice lady and her little daughter rescued him from the back of a grocery story four or five years ago. The lady was the actual winner, though. As it turned out, that big pooch had an extra sensitive snout for diabetes. Mungus naturally sensed the lady’s highs and lows of her blood sugar, and knew enough to warn her each time– even before she knew it herself!

Those adopted from shelters and rescue organizations certainly appreciate the love of their owners, too. Name the breed and type of animal, and you can probably find a rescue center. Or just go down to your local shelter. To find one near you, there are a couple of pet adoption websites to help:

–         Pet Finder is one helpful site. You can search for a specific breed and find one near you. The site includes pictures of each adoptable pet plus notes about whether it would like to be the only pet, if it gets along with other animals, and if it has special medical needs. The site also has a list of animal shelters.

–         Adopt-A-Pet can help you find shelters with dogs, cats, rabbits, birds, horses, fish, and even farm animals! You can also search by location, size and more.

All of us are thankful for the companionship of having a pet (and owner) to love. We’re thankful for people like you and organizations like these who care for animals.

So, how did you and your pet connect? Did you use the websites above or other sites? Share your story!

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